Braden Power

Braden Power is a real estate developer & passionate philanthropist


Promise House: A Promising Charity for Youth Poverty in Dallas

A charity that I have been working with, and one that I truly appreciate, is Promise House; an organization dedicated to fighting and preventing chronic homelessness in North Texas. Beginning its efforts in 1984, Promise House started following a community needs survey conducted by the Lovers Lane Methodist Church, which found that there was a […]

Haven for Hope: Fighting Homelessness in Texas

San Antonio has seen a decrease in the number of homeless individuals in recent months, with a clear leader breaking ground. Haven for Hope is a large, inclusive campus dedicated to helping the homeless community of Bexar County that has created a new way of combatting poverty. That is, an “extended shelter” where those struggling […]


Hurricane Harvey: How to Help and Prepare

Houston and much of Southeast Texas was severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey this past week, and the storm is expected to last another couple days, causing concern for citizens still residing in the area and those responding to the scene. While many have been evacuated, the number of those expected to lose their homes is […]


Dallas Works to Fight Poverty and Increase the Workforce

One of the strongest tenets of the blue-collar, working-class ideology is the American Dream: the belief that, if you work hard enough you can build yourself a better life. However, when we look at the conditions of poverty that are plaguing Dallas, Texas, it certainly appears that this dream is failing many of the city’s […]


The Ugly Truth About Incarceration in America

The United States has the highest prison population in the entire world, with the second closest country being China, having nearly 500,000 fewer inmates. This statistic alone should be an indicator as to just how inefficient America’s incarceration system is, given the fact that China’s population consists of nearly 1 billion more people than that […]


Combatting Homelessness in America’s Youth

One of the more pressing issues in today’s America is the alarming number of children and teenagers without a home. Today, more than 40% of the homeless in the United States are under 18, and most of them are in this state of poverty due to physical or emotional abuse from parents or guardians. Homelessness […]


The Importance of School Funding in Dallas

Currently, the Dallas Independent School District is facing a funding crisis due to state legislators and President Trump’s assertion that the district has enough financial support to sustain an adequate level of education for its children. However, the Dallas ISD feels otherwise, and rightfully so. Education is one of, if not the most important aspect […]